Through education, credibility and empathy, we helped sufferers find a better solution for their migraines, an Excedrin Migraine solution. Our shopper-focused campaign delivered impressive results for Excedrin across all five of the key retailers.


Through breakthrough digital and in-store communications, retailer co-creation initiatives and national activation, we convinced shoppers to try a better allergy solution with Flonase, and we helped Flonase become a leading brand in Allergy.


The highly emotional "What's Your Why?" campaign helped the Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ brands forge a personal bond with quitters across digital and social platforms, and strong retail partnerships amplified the campaign.


The launch of Flonase Sensimist was a success at Target. By leveraging retailer intelligence and shopper insights, plus a breakthrough creative idea, this campaign resonated with Target guests and engaged them in a new and better allergy solution.