Oceanic Scales - PhytoHeroes

If the ocean had a voice, what do you think it would say?

Oceanic Scales is an art and science project exploring tactile teaching at its most fundamental point, while using high-tech data to help aid its audiences learning in the modern age. The exhibit is a multi-sensory, interactive art and science display that identifies phytoplankton as the key barometer in determining our oceans health, while teaching elementary and middle school children, empathy towards our ocean and living sustainably.

The challenge was to manage and design an educational mobile app companion as an extension to the Oceanic Scales art and science exhibit. Taking a holistic approach to discovery, we learnt more about it's digital footprint, project objectives, and understanding the school-age target audience and their affinity towards learning with digital devices, providing a unique insight that helped made this project a success.

Epsilon set up the Oceanic Scales mobile companion app as a stand-alone digital game offering, which allows visitors the opportunity to download and participate in its teachings, both while at the exhibit and away. A video platform that enables greater learning and memory, that ultimately teaches sustainable living practices that should stick with students for a long time.