When it comes to banking, today’s mass affluent consumer already has so many options. So, how could a new financial services brand from MUFG get noticed, much less motivate people to move their money?

PurePoint Financial launched in February 2017 as a trusted partner to help consumers achieve their savings goals by offering the mass affluent consumer both the premium experience of the best traditional banks AND the convenience and higher rates of online banks. Our campaign did exactly that with the perfect media mix, driven by data and acquisition modeling. We also built an acquisition engine designed to quickly grow the business by targeting high-value prospects and expanding the relationship over time. 

We exceeded all expectations, from 200% dollars on deposit versus goal, to conversion 170% over goal.  And our cost per customer was well below benchmarks.

Dimensionalizing the Brand
through tailored content 
Leveraging branded content allows us to tell a more nuanced story, building awareness and driving an emotional level of consumer engagement. We selected CNN/CNN Money as our test partner as their target audience is a great match with our PurePoint Financial target. They have unparalleled global access and a strong content distribution network.

 Epsilon data + CNN 1st party data allowed us to target and reach a specific audience with our message--people with over $100,000 in investible assets.  We developed a compelling video series, Inspiring Tomorrow, to spark a conversation about the profound impact that saving can have, and to share stories of real people who've created big change for themselves and their communities for a brighter future. 

The videos launched in February across CNN’s digital network including social and native distribution on CNN/CNN Money and stream along with CNN content on all digital devices, smart TVs and platforms.  Results significantly exceeded Industry benchmarks.

• Our target demographic (with over $100k assets) drove 61% of the 4,000,000+ views.
• The campaign garnered over 15,000 social engagements
• 83% of the comments reflected love for the inspirational stories
• The campaign increased brand metrics for awareness, favorability and purchase intent.