A one-of-a-kind experience for a first-of-its-kind liqueur

Bacardi was launching St-Germain—the world’s first French elderflower liqueur—and wanted to do something big to get people talking. Via our data-driven approach, we learned that 25% of drinking occasions occur during the day, which means that for those who strive to live life in full bloom, the day offers more enchantment than the dark. So in a market where 42% of drinks ordered are bartender-recommended, we asked the question: “How do we get the world’s most influential bon vivants to create a buzz?” Based on this insight, we came up with the idea of “Maison St-Germain: where day-life blooms.”

Epsilon transformed a NYC hotspot into a spectacular day-life celebration that delivered an unforgettable, disruptive and immersive brand experience. The largest launch event in Bacardi’s history, it was a techno-botanical fantasy with electroluminescent floral decor, the controlled scent of elderflowers and exotic tasting sessions. Because of our event, St-Germain achieved the largest reach and engagement ever with 800 million press impressions, 20 million influencer reach, 115 million shareable social impressions and 74 press hits.